Hurricane Season 2017

SRQ Home Care Hurricane Readiness
Be Ready Before the storm hits. Hurricane Readiness 2017


This year hurricane season 2017 is expected to be historically more active than usual.  "The Gulf of Mexico coast, especially central and eastern areas including all of Florida, will be the greatest areas of concern for direct and indirect impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes during this season," according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

Hurricane Season 2017 is here and reality is, most homeowners have insurance, but renters often don’t even think about it until it’s too late.  Once a storm comes into our “grid” you are unable to purchase any kind of insurance or protection for your home.  So most often it isn’t until after a tragedy that we start to think about getting these added securities.

Being a renter myself, I had a quick lesson in “Renters Insurance”.  One late night on Jan. 17th 2016 all the cell phones in the house went off with weather alerts at once.  By the time we looked at our phones and read the warnings it came.  In a matter of 4 short minutes you could hear the roar of what sounded like a jet engine, the pressure began dropping so low your ears were popping, and the wind came ripping through our fence as if it were built out of sticks.  Within a few minutes it was gone just as fast as it had come.  We all got our flash lights and went outside to asses the damages from a tornado that came so unexpectedly.  All in all we had over $3,500.00 worth of damage to our rented home.

Thankfully, the owner had already purchased insurance on the home and all of the main structural damage was replaced.  However, so many of our personal belongings were damaged and we were left to foot the bill.

Its in times like these when you really take a step back and put what could have happen into prospective. There are many ways to prevent this from happening to you.  First and foremost take a small video of your home and its belongings, find a reputable insurance company and get covered, and lastly, find a company that offers you a secure program that will ensure you have protection before and after the storm has passed.

At Sarasota Home Care Services, we offer a wide range of programs to make sure you are taken care of in the event of a storm.  
  • Pre-Storm Service Plan – Shutters/Plywood installs, Generator set up, Removal and safe storage of patio furniture or loose objects.


  • Post Storm Service Plan – Take down/Storage of Shutters, Generators, General Cleanup of large derbies as well as a guarantee of service for any damages occurred during the event of a disaster.


  • Full Service Member – A solid guarantee of both services provided in the event a storm comes into the grid.

Sarasota Home Care – Your Safety is Our Specialty 

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