Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Season 2017
Hurricane Season 2017


If Harvey wasn’t a wake up call for all of us here on the sun-coast or the small tropical low we just experienced, you best take a look off the coast of Africa.

At Sarasota Home Care Services, we offer a wide range of programs to make sure you are taken care of in the event of a storm.  
  • Pre-Storm Service Plan¬†– Shutters/Plywood installs, Generator set up, Removal and safe storage of patio furniture or loose objects.


  • Post Storm Service Plan – Take down/Storage of Shutters, Generators, General Cleanup of large derbies as well as a guarantee of service for any damages occurred during the event of a disaster.


  • Full Service Member – A solid guarantee of both services provided in the event a storm comes into the grid.

Sarasota Home Care РYour Safety is Our Specialty 

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