Brick Paver Problems

Are you having Brick Paver Problems with all this rain?

At Sarasota Home Care Services we can handle any unsightly pavers you may have around your home.  Not only can we repair your existing paver problems, but our crew of expert installers and designers can create a whole new paved area that will be guaranteed to last the life time of your living space!

SRQ Home Care Brick Paver Services
Brick pavers before re-leveling
Brick Paver Problems
Re-leveling of Brick Pavers by SHCS


SHCS are your  “One Stop Shop” for all your Brick Paver needs. From your basic stain removal, to a complete restoration, we can do it all.

We have had a lot of calls recently about bricks sinking from rain or excessive lifting due to roots pushing through the surface.  Although troublesome, it is extremely common this time of year.  Between the overflow of rain and the tress soaking up the nutrients, it is bound to create this shifting.  The longer you put off repairing these areas, the more hazardous they are to the home foundations. Once these bricks begin shifting in one area, it will tend to create larger areas over time creating dangerous tripping hazards.  The longer you put off repairs it can quickly turn into a very time consuming and expensive project.

We can’t stress enough the importance of maintenance on a regular basis to ensure the full life expectancy of these beautiful and elegant hard-scapes. Not only is it important to keep them leveled, but brick pavers require routine cleaning, re-sanding and sealing.  The sealant, which is crucial, penetrates the pavers to not only protect against stains, but it also prevents the growth of mold and weeds.  Once the sealant is dried, it will actually lock the sand into the bricks joints like cement.  This sealant also enhances the natural color of the brick pavers and will keep them looking spectacular for many more years to come!

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