2017 Hurricane Season

2017 Hurricane Season
2017 Hurricane Season isn’t over yet

The 2017 Hurricane season isn’t over just yet.  Late breaking news shows 3 systems out there brewing.  We all know Jose will be sliding just off our east coast, but look at these two coming right behind him.  Both of these storms are setting the same path as Irma.  Please do not wait!  The time to be prepared is now!  As I wrote in my last blog about how heartbreaking it was to have so many people reaching out to us and we were unable to help with such a short time span.

Our Hurricane Protection Services are here for you before and after the storm!  Sign up NOW and be ready in the event we take on another Irma.  Luckily with these two storms we have plenty of time to service all of you, but you must act now!

To get signed up please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within 24 hours of your inquiry. 

I have heard a million and one people say “We really dodge a bullet that time”, well Florida is not indestructible.  Please be ready for whatever comes our way and stay ahead of the storms.


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