SRQ Home Care Brick Paver Leveling & Sealing
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Sarasota Home Care Brick Paver Sealing and repair Services are not only affordable, but they also come with a “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”.


Today’s stone paver walkways, patios and driveways offfer your a way to enjoy the long lasting beauty and historic strength of stone in your own yard.  They also deliver one of the biggest returns on your home improvement dollars.  Protecting and properly maintaining those brick Pavers will keep them looking spectacular for many years to come while extending their service life and durability.

Sarasota Home Care Services, Inc. are “The Experts” in restoring pavers to their original beauty.  We take the extra necessary steps to insure 100% customer satisfaction.


Sarasota Home Care Paver Restoration Process is as Follows:
  • Deep cleaning of each paver and joints.
  • Level uneven pavers that have sunk or lifted.
  • Re-sand the joints with fresh white sand.
  • Remove all excess sand in and around paver areas.
  • Spray/Roll-on Sealants with Joint Sand Stabilizer.

The sealant penetrates the paver to protect against stains and also to prevent the growth of mold and weeds by locking the sand in the paver joints.  This sealant also enhances the natural color of the structures as seen below.  Proper maintenance will keep your pavers looking like new for years to come.

Why procrastinate any longer when our estimates are Free and all jobs come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!  Call today to schedule and see what Sarasota Home Care Services can do with your home.

We are your “One Stop Shop” for all your home care needs that will provide quality service for a price you can afford.


Brick Paver Leveling-Sealing by Sarasota Home Care Services
Brick Paver Leveling-Sealing by Sarasota Home Care Services
Brick Paver Leveling-Sealing
Brick Paver Restoration by Sarasota Home Care Services


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